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Liaison Panel

If you would like more information about this project, please contact any of the following:

Peter Ramanauskas (U.S. EPA)
Tel: (312) 886-7890
E-mail: ramanauskas.peter@epa.gov

Brad Stimple (U.S. EPA)
Tel: (440) 250 -1717
E-mail: stimple.brad@epa.gov

Gerald O'Callaghan (IDEM)
Tel: (317) 233-1522
E-mail: GOCALLAG@idem.in.gov

Mark Johnson (ATSDR)
Tel: (312) 886-0840
E-mail: johnson.mark@epa.gov

Project Information and Truck Traffic Issues Coordinator
Katie Kamm

Tel: (812) 277-8954